Here are 7 methods to calm the menstrual rules pains and Menstrual Cramps

For some of us, having her rules is far from being a part of fun. You have a tummy ache, you feel weak, skin-flowering… These charming inconveniences even have a small name: Dysmenorrhea. The good news? Nevertheless, there are solutions, natural, hormonal or medicated to soften these menstrual pains.

Here are some precious tips to get rid of menstrual pains:

An adapted diet to prevent the pain of menstruation.

You don’t necessarily think about it, but what you eat can have an impact on how you feel your menstrual cycle. Of course, it will not surprise anyone, the first thing to watch is its consumption of sugar.

Not funny, we agree. Why sugar? Because indulging in confectionery leads to overproduction of insulin and excess insulin causes the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin (the main culprits of our worries during the rules).

Another recommendation of nutritionists is to consume more fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, etc.) as well as any other food containing omega-3.

A study carried out in Denmark shows that women with the least Dysmenorrhea are those with the most omega-3 fatty acids of marine origin.

We also eliminate red meats and avoid drinking coffee when the pain is present. Instead of exhausting fatigue and tensions, coffee instead increases pain by boosting our ability to stress.

Anti-inflammatory, effective on the pain of the rules, but not for everyone.

As much paracetamol has little effect on the pains of menstruation, as much anti-inflammatory drugs, type ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen, etc.), available in pharmacy without prescription, are very effective.

They have the merit to also alleviate migraines included in the package of dysmenorrhea, as well as kidney ailments.

For some recalcitrant, your doctor may prescribe heavier artillery such as naproxen or mefenamic acid. In any case, do not chew these pills like candy, over-consumption can cause heartburn and eventually an ulcer.

So we respect the dosage, especially as on some, the taking of these medications does not have much effect.

The hormonal IUD, an antidote to the painful rules.

Of course, if you have a short or medium term project to get pregnant, opting for the IUD is not the ideal solution.

But if the baby is not part of our plans, the hormonal intrauterine device is ideal in case of abundant and painful rules.

Especially if you suffer from endometriosis, one of the possible causes of dysmenorrhea.

And to be told once and for all, no, never having been pregnant is not a contraindication. The hormonal IUDdiffuses progesterone and in addition to being contraceptive, it tends to eliminate the rules or to reduce them considerably. And we can keep him for five years. A solution to consider with your gynecologist.

The pill or how to make skin to the painful rules.

The pill does not have the effect of protecting us from pregnancies. It prevents ovulation, reduces the production of prostaglandins and reduces the menstrual flow.

A method generally effective to decrease not only the duration of the rules but also and above all that goes with, pains to migraines even passing by the bad mood (which does not forbid us to continue to be a little break-candy to The opportunity, are we girls or?).

If we take it continuously, we remove the rules squarely, convenient for holidays for example…

Painful rules: We put warm on our painful belly.

Natural but effective method, the hot water bottle on our little belly miscarried. This will relax a bit all the muscles that contract under the effect of the rules and calm a little pain.

Taking a warm bath also has a soothing effect. On the other hand, this can intensify the flow in the hours that follow…

We do sports to re oxygenate our bodies and activate our bloodstream.

This may be the last thing you want to do when your ovaries play Mario Kart and yet it seems that regular physical activity, even during menstruation, alleviates pain.

What for? Because physical activity helps to oxygenate the body and activates the bloodstream. A natural painkiller in short.

Be careful, you don’t have to go to French boxing or squash, think of a quick walk, stretching or ground bar exercises for example…

Practicing yoga to relax during the painful rules.

By teaching us to take possession of our body and to breathe with the belly deep, yoga may be a way to tame the pain.

Your teacher will also be able to show you soothing postures for the back and belly.

The icing on the cake is that in addition, mine of nothing, yoga, it muscle, and nicely in addition!


For some of us, having her rules is far from being a part of fun. You have a tummy ache, you feel weak, skin-flowering… These charming inconveniences even have a small name: Dysmenorrhea.

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